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19 Mar 18


Terre de Femmes

Each year, the top prize winner from each of the 11 countries competes for the People’s Award! We can all become members of the jury by voting online for the most representative project. The 2018 winner of the People’s Award will receive an additional grant of €5,000!

What is your favourite project? Vote now!

  • Italy – Susanna Magistretti – Cascina Bollate

Susanna refurbished an educational garden at a prison in order to raise aware about nature conservation, lower the recidivism rate and help prisoners re-enter the working world.

  • Switzerland – Marianne Hassenstein – Fondation Actions Environnement

Working with the Fondation Actions Environnement, Marianne raises awareness concerning respect for the environment and for the preservation of the dry-stone walls that enliven the Swiss countryside and provide shelter for many rare plants and animals.

  • Spain – Elena Carrillo – Colectivo Zompopo

In Nicaragua, Elena highlights the role of women in the traditional culture of adobe construction – a means of creating sturdy, healthy, environmentally friendly habitats that rely on natural, ancestral resources. 

  • Germany – Hanitra Markolf – Chances for Nature

With her organisation Chances for Nature, Hanitra uses environmentally friendly mobile cinema to raise awareness among rural populations in Madagascar about the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Morocco – Zaina Bouhachmoud – Coopérative Agricole Alouss

Through her work with the cooperative Agricole Alouss, Zaina helps the economic development of her region while fighting against soil desertification and protecting several endangered species of plants.

  • France – Sophie Lehideux – Kynarou

With her organisation Kynarou, Sophie improves the living conditions of people in southern India while raising environmental awareness through pesticide- and chemical-free farming.

  • Portugal – Estrela Matilde – Fundação Príncipe Trust

Estrela created a waste recovery cooperative in which she transforms organic waste into compost and recycles glass into jewellery on the island of Príncipe.

  • Ukraine – Bogdana Gapochenko – Terre Propre

Bogdana prevents urban pollution by repurposing dead leaves from the ground and turning them into fertiliser to enrich city lawns.

  • Russia – Lyudmila Potaeva

Lyudmila helps to plant trees in Russia’s more devastated areas by making seeds freely available on a website.

  • Turkey – Bedriye Engin

With her traditional yet eco-friendly village, Bedriye enables women to gain economic independence while restoring their self-confidence.

  • Mexico – Gladys Reyes Macedo – Vinculación Interdisciplinaria para el Desarrollo Ambiental y lo Social A.C.

In the aim of preserving the chestnut-fronted macaw, Gladys links research, training and education to assist in the conservation of the environment and development of rural communities.