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08 Jul 19

The 2020 Terre de Femmes Award’s call for applications is open!

Terre de Femmes

© Emmanuel Berthier

Terre de Femmes 2020 edition, here we go! Applications are open!

Are you involved in a social and environmental project? Apply for the 2020 Terre de Femmes Prize and join a community of committed women!
The stories of these women, heroines of everyday or extreme life, follow one another but do not resemble each other. What if the next story is yours? Dare to join the movement of those who have decided to change the world!

Until September 12, apply for the Yves Rocher Foundation’s Terre de Femmes prize and try to win up to 10,000 euros in endowments.

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[ 2020 Terre de Femmes Application – June 6 to September 12]

Good luck to all of you!