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The Terre de Femmes award highlights the strength of their fight. Working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations for gender equality and the empowerment of women, the Yves Rocher Foundation has already honoured 375 winners in more than 50 countries. Alongside these women, the Yves Rocher Foundation strives for united environmentalism, which is critical to preserving biodiversity.

17 years
of experience

women honoured

2M€ million paid
since 2001 to support their actions in over more than 50 countries

11 participating countries
France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco, Portugal, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Spain

If any action, large or small, is beneficial to nature, whether on your doorstop or on the other side of the world, it deserves attention.
It could even win the Terre de Femmes Award!

There is only one condition: it must have been instigated by a woman, who also has to be the project’s sponsor. The Terre de Femmes Award winners head up initiatives that help to protect the plant world and benefit the environment, while contributing to the well-being of the community.

The projects created by them are as diverse as their personalities. They all have a cause they uphold in their own unique way, whether it is protecting pine trees in Poland, crafting solar cookers in Madagascar, defending the great apes of Gabon, or certifying eco-friendly day care centres in southern France.


Any woman who is a citizen of one of the countries where the prize is available: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Spain,

Over the age of 18,

Applicants must work regularly in favour of the environment in a non-profit organisation or in a commercial structure working for social and environmental causes, or must work independently to these ends.

Their work must be actively in progress and must have led to concrete results.

Three local prizes are awarded each year:

  • First prize: €10,000
  • Second prize: €5,000
  • Third prize: €3,000

An additional prize of €10,000 is awarded as the Terre de Femmes Grand Prize


You will be able to apply next year.







Several international studies highlight the essential role played by women in protecting the environment and biodiversity.

As experts, but also in their daily lives, these women are creating new kinds of community actions.

Their combined initiatives provide an answer to all the challenges of the future and help promote a protective development model for the environment and global biodiversity. It is these projects that the Yves Rocher Foundation is supporting with its Terre de Femmes programme, which currently only exists in 11 countries.

But the good news is that with the new INTERNATIONAL AWARD, Terre de Femmes is now giving all women around the world committed to the protection of the environment a chance to compete. The theme of the award, which is redefined every year, remains in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals concerning women.

The Terre de Femmes INTERNATIONAL AWARD spotlights courageous initiatives, inspiring and often innovative projects, in the four corners of the globe led by women who are “changing the world” at their level.

The theme selected for this 1st edition of the International Award is

Dotation: 10 000 €

This will concern projects run by a woman or a group of women, from associations or community groups, whose main objective, focused on biodiversity, is to help restore, regenerate and improve soil fertility.

For example:

Projects in agroecology, permaculture and reforestation aimed at curbing soil erosion, reconstitution and sustainable management of vegetation cover, urban agriculture, creation of green belts, irrigation and silvopastoralism, etc.

Download the application form below.

Until October, 16th 2018

Please download the application form below and complete the required fields before moving on to the next step.




You can also contact us at the following address with any questions: terredefemmes.international@yrnet.com