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14 Sep 17

29th edition of the International Festival of Photojournalism, with Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan

The Foundation

For the 29th year in succession, one of the leading photographic events is being held in Perpignan in September 2017: the Visa pour l’Image International Festival of Photojournalism. This event showcases the remarkable work of photojournalists from around the world whose perspectives offer amazing insights into events in the headlines.

From 2 to 17 September 2017, the Festival of Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan offers free access to a large number of exhibitions and outdoor evening screenings retracing the events which made last year’s headlines… But it is, above all, a tale of home and abroad, told from the point of view of photographers who have circled the Earth.

Every year, Visa pour l’Image rewards the best photojournalistic subjects through the award of several prizes. For the third year running, the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France will give out its Photography Award in partnership with Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan. This prize pays tribute to one photographer in particular and his/her journalistic work, which must have touched on environmental issues, sustainable development, or the relationship between Humankind and the Earth.

It is in the course of an exceptional evening on Saturday 9 September that the 2017 winner will be revealed and awarded his/her Prize together with an endowment of 8,000 euros by the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France.

This year’s event is set to attract renowned photographers like Lu Guang, Darcy Padilla, Zohra Bensemra, Angela Ponce Romero and Michael Nichols, not to mention leading lights such as Emanuele Scorcelletti, Brent Stirton and Pascal Maitre, with whom the Yves Rocher Foundation has the good fortune to collaborate.

At the last two editions, the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France and Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan honoured the talented Lianne Milton in 2015 and the remarkable work of Phil Moore in 2016.

Portfolio of Lianne Milton – “Dans la fournaise du Sertão”

Born in 1976, Lianne Milton has always been interested in how politics can impact the living conditions of those in modern society, exploring topics such as food insecurity or the effect of river dams on ethnic minorities. Currently living in Rio de Janeiro, she decided to focus on Sertão, a region in north-east Brazil that suffers the worst rate of poverty due to its recurrent droughts. The photographer sought to highlight the impact of climate change on isolated farmers. Condemned to a life of subsistence farming and trying to cope with their desperate circumstances, they have been forgotten by the government.

Lianne Milton’portfolio here

Portfolio of Phil Moore – “Les fantômes du Kazakhstan”

Mixing desolate landscapes of abandoned test-sites, devoid of life, with intimate por – traits of nuclear survivors from the Polygon, this project explore the effect that testing Man’s most wicked weapon has had on the environment, and the unique legacy that it has left the people living there, recording survivors’ testimonies before their time runs out. As mining begins, and a wave of tourists arrive, I hope to catch this turning point in the region’s history; reopening the planet’s scars. As more nations seek nuclear armement, the Cold War quest for nuclear domination still weighs heavy on Kazakhstan, and serves as a powerful warning against new, nuclear aspirations.

Phil Moore’s portfolio here