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Apply for the International Award


In 2019, the Yves Rocher Foundation has created a new Terre de Femmes award, named the International Award. If you are a woman citizen of this beautiful planet and are working to preserve it, and if your project corresponds to the theme set each year, fill out the application form now to apply.

For the 2nd edition, the theme is « medicinal plants, living heritage and future prospects ».

In 2020, the International Award will recognize field actions taken by a woman or a group of women, from the nonprofit sector or another support organisation, which directly involve the topic of medicinal plants, their cultivation and their use for human health and well-being.

For example: Projects involving the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants as well as projects involving herbal shops or traditional cooperatives or programmes to help disseminate age-old methods of growing these plants, create urban herb gardens, raise awareness of phytotherapy, etc.

Award amount: €10,000.

>> Click here to download the application file and rules

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